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Documentary trailer in Dutch. DVD spoken in three languages, Dutch, German and English.


A unique documentary by Ansgar Rahmacher and Romke Schievink

We would like to give you an impression of our DVD over watermills in Germany and Holland., told in 3 languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch

See below the trailer (2.5 MB Video).

More than 5 hours of Video material on 2 DVD's

Make a virtual visit to 200 watermills which may be selected interactively.

Discover the uses of water power.

Corn mill

Hemp rolling mill


Water pump

Paper mill

Saw mill

Crushing mill

Wire Drawing mill

Grinding mill

Scoop wheel

Gem stone grinding work

Stripping mill

Oil mill

Mine works

Electricity supply

Read everything known about types of waterwheels.

Start-and-float wheel



Find out the function of modern water turbines




Watermills in art and culture

Admire photo realistic 3D animation and details with regard to the formation of mill technique.

Video 2,6 MB    


  • Look up individual technical terms in the illustrated mill encyclopedia.
  • The DVD shows a 60 minute documentary over more than 2000 years history of the watermill.
  • The DVD can be used on an ordinary DVD player, attached to the TV (PAL). The interactive card can be used on the computer.
  • User friendly menu structure for all film fragments irrespective of whether you wish to see the whole or per fragment.
  • Localise the mills quickly and simply with GPS coordinates.
  • Price: 28,50 Euro

    (excl. Dispatch costs) Europe 3,50 euro, US 5,50 euro.

  • 2 DVDs
  • Dutch, German and English spoken
  • 5 hour video material over watermills
  • ISBN NR. 978-90-78961-10-7

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